Composure Records was created by Paul Davies in early 2001 as a long-term independent musical outlet for the UK based studio and artists behind the Beam Strategic and Flytrapp progressive house projects. Composure allows total creative freedom with no specific time frame or musical genre for its output.

Working initially with Unique Distribution, Composure sought to develop its studio technology, sound and ability to create and distribute music directly whilst working within the traditional dance industry framework. The web presence for Composure Records and its partnership with global web distribution is a natural extension of this philosophy and is set to develop over the course of 2007 bringing new artists on board to provide the complete digital dance label.

Ideas always need to start somewhere and for Composure Records it starts on a rainy night in Bristol at the Powerhouse venue in 1998. One half of Flytrapp has endured an evening of what can only be described as 'speed garage' with a dose of serious flu to wait for "the man like" Sasha. Much of Bristol seemed content with just the speed garage and vanished around 2am but when the myth that is Sasha emerged to start a 3:15am DJ set, the remaining faithful were treated to some beautiful cruising music.

The opening track was lovingly known later by many as the, 'red record' on Universal Prime Breaks, track title 'Composure'. A simple record that encompassed everything that Flytrapp had hoped dance music could be, atmospheric, melodic and timeless; a prelude to an awesome set by Sasha.

By this time tiredness and flu had taken grip, but that record became the catalyst for further musical endeavors and the record label. When the production duo behind Flytrapp (Limbo Records) and later Beam Strategic (Quad Communications) wanted to broaden their musical output it all fell into place, Composure was born...