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      COMP019: G-TEK - 230V


COMP017 Cover  

Track details:
230v (Original Mix)
230v (Electro Remix)



COMP017 Cover  

Track details:
What Does It Matter (Original Mix)
What Does It Matter (Faskil's 'It Really Doesn't' Mix)



COMP016 Cover  

Track details:
Sumatra (Original Mix)
Sumatra (Izak Remix)
Sumatra (Brace Remix)
Sumatra (Future Ltd Remix)

Release date: 25th September 2006



COMP017 Cover  

Track details:
She Thinks She's Underground (Original Mix)
She Thinks She's Underground (Pole Folder Remix)
She Thinks She's Underground (Stuart McKeown's Buried Remix)
She Thinks She's Underground (Relative Depth Remix)

Release date: 25th September 2006

DJ support:
"Clever programming and the level of production is top notch. Liking it!!!!!"
Mike Truman - Hybrid on the original mix

"I love Benoit's productions, this remix is very good!"
Stefano Greppi - Screen Recordings UK on the Pole Folder Remix



COMP015 Cover  

Track details:
Desert Storm (Original Mix)
The Style (Original Mix)

Release date: 14th September 2006



COMP014 Cover  

New signing, Jason Calvert will be a name to keep your eye on over the coming months. Already immersed in the progressive electronica scene by working for Progressive Sounds Jason translates this knowledge wonderfully into a melody that sticks in your head insistantly. This initial 3 track EP serves up an Original mix backed by two ambient reprises by both Jason and new prodiction outfit Div.

Track details:
Fashion Crash (Original Mix)

Fashion Crash (Lullaby Reprise)
Fashion Crash (Div's Crash)

Release date: May 2006



COMP013 Cover  

After delivering some amazing remixes for Composure over the early part of 2006 Grid System finally presents this 2 track EP following up the accliamed Wave Ostinator release. Fierce the opening tune is a lovingly crafted mellow breaks affair. As usual Grid System pushes the production boundries and over the complete 9 minutes we are treated to drifting melodies, intricate drums and ever widening soundscapes to tease the listener into a beautiful and hypnotic journey. Planet builds on this vibe using a more progressive 4/4 groove. The melodies and synth sounds in this tune cascade wonderfully into your listening space. This is music for summer evenings. This is music that will make you smile.

Track details:
Fierce (Original Mix)
Planet (Original Mix)

Release date: May 2006



COMP012R Cover  

4 more mixes of this stonking minimal electro headscrewing tune. First off, Phunindustries collide with the energetic breaks style of Retroid. Lush sweeps, driving beats and all the glitchy twisted elements of the original are on show here! Australian producer Jason Calvert follows with a mixture of haunting bleeps and chords backed with a beatbox style groove. One for the early morning sessions. Next up is Portuguese producer Mechanique who drops in some new grooves and tightens the mix into a progressive tribal stonker. Proper club sounds. Dmarinos rounds off the remix package with a lovely 4/4 house remix that lends itself towards sweaty evenings, dancing summer nights away. Pure progressive club music.

Track details:
Electric Rain (Retroid Remix)
Electric Rain (Jason Calvert's Industry Standard Mix)
Electric Rain (Mechanique Remix)
Electric Rain (Dmarinos Remix)

Release date: May 2006



COMP012 Cover  

Central american artist Phuinindustries, already known for some seriously big tunage through South Records, provides a blinding debut release, "Electric Rain", a dirty twisted and glitchy tune for any dance floor. The G-Tek Remix tightens up and inserts some electrobeatbreak twists creating a funking peaktimer. Again this artist is set to develop and we look forward to giving you the next Phunindustries release "Sumatra" soon!

M8 Magazine May issue review:
Take note of this one for sure. The Original Mix immediately grabs the attention as a fine minimal tech-influenced journey that screws with your mind for nine whole minutes. Turbo -charged and screaming for attention (so we'll give it!!!) is the awesome G-Tek Remix on the flip side. Cutting-edge production, the latest electronic sounds, thumping percussion and an absolute appreciation of how to cram everything huge sounding into just one dance track make this an all-round winner. This is what loud speakers were made for! M8/M8 Reviewed by Standby.

Track details:
Electric Rain (Original Mix)
Electric Rain (G-Tek Remix)

Release date: May 2006



COMP011 Cover  

Eoghan Harron is a young producer who seems to have a natural ability to create beautiful but thumping soundscapes, his reputation and sound is sure to grow over 2006. Colours is his first release for Composure and is the complete progressive house experience. Receiving high praise from the international DJ community and backed with a Future Ltd Remix this is a treat for all progressive heads.

DJ support for both mixes:
" A tight production from the Composure outfit, the atmosphere is sublime" Micah

"Very Good, very nice techy proggy track with deep melodies.. Rating: 8/10" Kostas Michalis (Swift Records (A&R)/Trust Entertainment)

"Once more a great release on Composure, Future Ltd delivers the goods as usual on the remix. Lush pads, moving melodies and driving drums. Superb!!" Stefan Anion (Proton Radio/Play Recordings/Release Records)

"Very deep and bigroom sounding. Colours (Original)" Chris Salt (Silver Planet/Kickin/Proton Radio/ETN.FM)

Track details:
Colours (Original Mix)
Colours (Future Ltd Remix)

Release date: April 2006



COMP010 Cover  

Composure Records 10th digital release sees our artist roster expand as we welcome Andrew Kelly. Andrew Kelly has carved out a reputation for excellent melodic productions over the past year within the underground dance community. Both his remixes and individual productions have gained respect for achieving levels of production that rival Hybrid, Spooky, Sasha and BT. So bringing Andrew into the Composure asylum wasn't a hard decision. With new remixes due shortly on labels ranging from Baroque/Method, Feral Code, Sentient Audio Collective, XAKK Records and Segment Digital, Andrew continues to deliver diverse but beautiful music.
His debut release for Composure builds on this sound and surrounds it with a more minimal clubbier feel. With remixes provided by Retroid, Grid System and Conceptual. "Untitled001" takes you from minimal dark tech through to shimmering sweeping breaks. review:
"One of those artists who have been floating around on the digital scene for a while now, Andrew Kelly releases ‘Untitled001’ on Composure, the tenth release for the label.

Four mixes are on offer. The original is defined by its twisted percussion work and bleeping melody. Grid System and Conceptual respectively build on these sounds and mould them into something more tangible but none of these three mixes manage to formulate anything more than experimental.

Hungarian Ádám Huszár aka Retroid, who was responsible for Composure’s ninth release, the excellent ‘Forbidden World’/‘Shining Path’ doubleheader, produces a stunning progressive breaks remix of ‘Untitled001’. Dripping in dreamy leads and synths this is a remix straight out of progressive’s history books; a throwback to a time before minimal was cool and melody ruled the waves. Only the breakdown hints at the original and the remix is all the better for it, forging ahead along its own distinguished, shimmering progressive path.

For prog-heads, this release is all about Retroid’s excellent rework. The original, Grid System and Conceptual mixes are interesting musically but never really get of the ground. Retroid however goes straight for the jugular and this release deserves its 9/10 for this remix alone." 9/10.

Track details:
Untitled 001 (Original Mix)
Untitled 001 (Retroid Remix)
Untitled 001 (Conceptual's Menace Dub)
Untitled 001 (Grid System Remix)

Release date: February 2006



COMP009R Cover


Track details:
Forbidden World (Brace Mix)
Shining Path (Grid System Remix)
Shining Path (Blue Room Project's Dark Mix)
Shining Path (Blue Room Project's Light Mix)

Release date: March 2006



COMP009 Cover  

Kicking off our hectic release schedule in 2006 is young hungarian producer Ádám Huszár aka Retroid. This digital release lives up to the standard Retroid has set for himself with his past releases and remixes. Delivering two tracks with lush melodies and production, building on his established progressive electro breaks sound. Beautiful music for early morning sessions. Wait for the remixes.

Reviews and support:
"I'm really digging Retroid - Forbidden World (Original Mix). I'll be definitely be supporting these in charts and dj sets!" Perry O'Neil

"Retroid - Forbidden World: this one sounds interesting from the start. Well produced. High quality sounds. Retroid - Shining Path: this starts very good... nice low bass, and kick is very nice! Lovely melody!! Catchy as hell!" Terje Bakke

"Retroid - Forbidden World: I'm really liking this track, fantastic for a start of a set. Look forward to playing this out." Derek Hayes

"Retroid - Forbidden World is smooth and deep. This young producer keeps impressing more and more." Stefan Anion (Blue Plasma Recordings)

Balance Record Pool Chart: Number 30 review:
"One of the many labels trying to make its mark in an increasingly saturated digital marketplace is UK-based Composure. They kick off 2006 with a doubleheader from Hungarian producer Ádám Huszár aka Retroid. Having remixed Snake Sedrick’s ‘She Is My Destiny’ and getting an honourable mention in Proton’s ‘Lost In The Moment’ remix competition, Huszár is beginning to build himself a solid reputation; something that this release is set to cement.

‘Forbidden World’ is very much from the old school of progressive house with deep, lush pads sweeping over a punchy kick. An oriental-sounding breakdown provides some light relief during the mid-section of the track while robotic percussion and flute-like melodies provide the icing on the cake. The track builds to a busy, driving crescendo before unwinding itself again and rolling to a more blessed out conclusion. A very solid piece indeed.

‘Shining Path’ is a progressive breaks track at the tougher end of the spectrum. Its intro is a tangled web of industrial screeches that are cleverly intertwined into the main track once the kick drum arrives. The synth pattern is deep and malicious and is not until the arpeggio kicks in that the listener gets any relief. Once together, the elements combine to fine effect, complimenting each other perfectly. The euphoric melody drives the track, subtly restrained by those menacing effects.

2006 begins in fine style for Composure with an excellent doubleheader. Fans of Chable/Cattaneo style breaks and dreamy progressive should check this out." 9/10.

Track details:
Forbidden World (Original Mix)
Shining Path (Original Mix)

Release date: January 2006



COMP008 Cover  

At last this track sees the light of day, and backed by a truly awesome Andrew Kelly Remix what a package it is. Slotting this release into any current genre would be almost impossible. It is safe to say that as a package this release delivers on every level but what truly makes it stand out are the outstanding but simply haunting chords that run throughout both mixes. The original is tougher, dirtier and more lo-fi than the remix, at times sounds like something you might call 'technobreaks' if it wasn't for those damn chords! New production wonder kid Andrew Kelly provides a mix suited to the opening of a long night session. Beautiful, twisted, intricate breaks cruise above the chords at low altitude and just when you think it isn't going to scare you it all goes dark in the breakdown. Time for repeated listens to uncover the sheer quality of production. Andrew Kelly productions sound like taking Hybrid, BT, Autechre and sticking them threw some plug in only Andrew has. Lucky for Composure that we love those artists.

Reviews and support:
Micah, (Silver Planet Recordings), Andrew Kelly (Silver Planet Recordings/EDM Digital), Chloe Harris (Balance Promote Group/Proton Radio), David Sense, Greg Vickers, Terje Bakke (3 Beat Records), Paul Flectcher (Rhythm Factory), Conceptual Records.

"The original mix is where it's at for me, nice deep techy breaks. Dark and driving. In my box for some time! Andrew Kelly delivers as always on the remix with a bit more atmospheric number, nice for the earlier hours." Stefan Anion
(Blue Plasma Recordings)

"The original of Oslo is very nice, deep, moody. I'm really into this sound. This is fresh, and kept me the entire 9 and a half minutes. Andrew Kelly is a stud. That boy delivers every time." Jordan Daniel (Blue Plasma Recordings) review:
“Paul and Gareth Davies cut their teeth in music with releases on the genre-defining Limbo Recordings and the Global Underground off-shoot Quad Communications, before Paul established his own imprint, Composure, in 2001. Now concentrating on digital output, the label’s run of strong releases looks set to continue with ‘Oslo’ from Future Ltd.

The track is a fusion of progressive breaks and tech along the lines of Pako & Frederiks’ recent Atlantic Breakers album. A soft, soulful synth eases the track into top gear while melodic keys sprinkle their magic over the warbling, effects-rich bassline. The result is a perfect late night piece of music, full of rich textures and warm notes.

Quirky and epic in equal measure, this is a solid offering from the Composure stable.”

Track details:
Oslo (Original Mix)
Oslo (Andrew Kelly Remix)

Release date: July 2005



COMP007 Cover  

On this release Watchmen return to make standard 4/4 house collide with some serious percussion and distorted basslines. Breaks are thrown into the mix for added funk and check out the beautiful melody in the original mix, quality progressive house.

Track details:
Glitterati (Original Mix)
Glitterati (Tekk Mix)

Release date: July 2005